At Talent Puerto Rico we help our clients meet their recruiting needs through our comprehensive recruiting/relocation solutions. We focus on helping employers located in rural areas that have a difficult time meeting their headcount needs due to the scarcity of motivated skilled workers associated with low unemployment.

We source qualified talent in areas with high unemployment and place them in stable jobs with reputable businesses. By recruiting in areas of high unemployment our clients have access to a deep pool of candidates. This allows us to effectively screen and select the candidates that are the best fit for our clients. Through our effective recruiting and screening process, we have helped our clients meet their headcount goals realizing significant benefits:

– Reduce OT costs
– Reduce expensive temp staffing
– Reduce employee churn
– Improve Supervisor efficiency
– Improve team morale
– Improve efficiency
– Hire long term qualified/motivated employees

In most cases, the areas where we source candidates are far removed from where our clients are located. For the past two years we have built strong relationships and experience recruiting in Puerto Rico.

Rural areas are usually limited in the amount of available housing. Our comprehensive solutions include relocation support to ensure that every candidate has access to housing and other services that are key to a successful relocation. We make sure that every candidate hired has good viable living options near our clients’ facilities.

Our goal is to match the best talent with the right job working for a top employer.

Our Solution

We source candidates in high unemployment areas. Specifically, we have extensive experience recruiting in Puerto Rico where there is great talent looking for opportunities to grow and improve by permanently moving to the US. Thus, by working with Talent Puerto Rico our clients gain access to a large pool of qualified candidates. And, through our effective vetting and selection process, our clients have recruited high quality motivated candidates that learn faster and perform more efficiently than local candidates, drastically reducing new hire employee churn, diminishing OT and temporary employment costs, and improving team morale and productivity.

Successful Relocation is key to making recruiting in Puerto Rico a success. That is why we have developed a relocation model that insures all relocated employees have a smooth transition in the most important areas: Housing, Transportation, Schools and Daycare. In addition, we build strong ties to the communities we work with to make sure we can support the newly relocated employees through their adjustment process.

Companies located in areas of low unemployment have an extremely difficult time meeting their headcount goals. Their local candidate pool is very shallow. Many of the candidates they need to hire do not have the right qualifications or do not have the motivation or desire to hold a job long term resulting in low productivity and very high employee churn. As a result, companies have a very hard time maintaining a workforce that allows them to keep up with demand for their products/services. To make up for this headcount deficit companies are forced to incur in high cost OT and/or employ costly temporary staffing services.

Temp Labor and OT are meant to cover productions peaks and only for a short period of time. Companies that rely on Temp Labor and/or OT on a permanent basis to meet their manpower needs will experience considerable savings by using our services to hire qualified permanent employees.   In addition to financial benefits, hiring permanent employees through Talent Puerto Rico will improve morale across the board by reducing excessive OT and providing the existing workforce qualified and consistent teammates.

Reach out to us, we will be happy to tailor our recruiting solution to meet your specific needs.


If you would like to learn more about how we can help you bring fresh great talent to your organization, please click on the link below to send us a request. Someone in our team will be in touch with you shortly.


If you are looking for long term employment and a job that is a great fit for you working for a reputable company, please click on the link below to send us a request. One of our representatives will be in touch with you shortly.


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